Gideon and the child benefit hypocrisy

Isn’t it curious that there, currently at least, seems to be more
fuss about proposals to take child benefit away from parents who earn
more than £44,000 per annum than repeated governmental attempts
to take money from people who have been ill for many years?

Correct me if I’m wrong…….

People who are healthy enough (i.e. those who are *not* ill) to work and indeed
earn £44,000 per year through doing so are having a comparatively paltry sum
(no more than £20 a week for the eldest child, if these figures are to be believed)
taken away from them.

I have got that right so far, yes?
Now let’s compare that with those that are too ill to work.

According to the DWP, generally speaking you tend not to get more than
£100 a week – in other words around £5000 a year or, in other words yet still, almost
one tenth of £44,000 a year.

Now I’ve still got that right, haven’t I?

The odd thing about all of this is that I can hear the bleating, moaning and whining
about people who are well-off enough to have children (they ain’t cheap y’know –
I used to be one once) having a measly £20+ taken off them – WHEN THEY ALREADY

The most perverse thing about all of this is that if you are unfortunate enough
to have fallen ill (no fault of your own, of course), you are the devil’s sperm;
it is open season for attacks on you.
It doesn’t matter if you worked for five, ten or fifty years – you are utterly scummy
merely for having the temerity to live on benefit (not far off £5000 a year exc
Housing Benefit).

It is almost (just “almost”) as if it is morally wrong to be ill.

Invariably the people who demonise those on illness benefits are those who
have never experienced them; how can I lecture a mother on childbirth
when, as a male, I will never experience it personally?

May you never be ill.

If you are unfortunate enough to succumb to ill-health, you’ll soon find out
just how many stupid, ignorant and naive people are out there.

Is it wrong of me to wish ‘ill’ on these thick people?
Bollocks, I just have.


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