LP trainers in need of their own medicine?

Saturday afternoon, 9th October, 2010. Bored.

Just noticed the number “3” next to the legend “mail”. Click on “mail”.
Notice whilst on the way to the new emails that Dr John Greensmith posted
something to co-cure the other day about an Independent article on the Lightning Process.

I click on this email, four days after it was posted.

I don’t read every email that makes its way into my inbox because, amongst other things,
I seem to have a rather short attention span which results in me getting bored quite quickly.
However the reason I clicked on this is that I recorded a rather home-made video, split into
three parts, on the Lightning Process last year with Ciaran Farrell.

I have made a few videos with Ciaran over the last three years due to the facts
that he was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in the 1990s (like yours truly),
lives in London (yours truly, again) and is one the very few people in the ME world
willing to campaign with me regarding the bugger-all useful/relevant treatment
given to people diagnosed with ME; a lot of other “campaigners” will touch neither
him nor me with a twenty-foot medicated barge pole belonging to somebody else
so we team up once in a while simply because nobody else will have either of us.

Anyway(s), prompted by a general ‘push’ in promotion for the Lightning Process
culminating in a rather naked attempt to further promote it in the final minutes
of a conference at the Royal Society of Medicine in July 2009
, I approached Ciaran
about recording a piece on LP since it seemed to be gaining more publicity without anyone
really knowing what it was about.

The resulting mini-series made its debut in late October 2009.

Whilst editing the said series, one comment struck me.
Ciaran mentioned that comments regarding Phil Parker’s own Lightning Process videos
were banned, presumably by Phil Parker or the person/people uploading PP LP videos,
from YouTube. Ciaran’s comment struck me so much that I decided not to include it buried
halfway in the first part the series but at the very beginning – even before any titles.

Fast forward a year to the month of that clip.

The Independent article, which seemed to be so glowing about LP as to imply
the opposite of the mission statement-like title of the paper, attracted some
comments. Lo and behold within days those comments had disappeared.
Google cache is your friend.

Sound familiar?
Let us get back into our TARDIS/DeLorean/time machine of your choosing…….

In the midst of recording the LP series with Ciaran last October, I was alerted to a
piece in edition 1248 of the long-running satirical magazine “Private Eye” which,
on page 10, stated that “M.E. sufferers were stunned recently to receive threatening
letters when they posted their views on the ‘Lightning Process’, a programme that
allegedly produces ‘amazing results’ for people not only with M.E. but ‘anxiety,
panic attack, over-eating, low self-esteem and guilt’ too. When sufferers started
reporting they had paid £600 for a course that did not work for them, they received
warning of defamation proceedings if they did not recant.

Now call me a bit slow on the uptake but I spot a theme here.
It’s almost as if there is some sort of control being sought. A control that
reduces the chance people have to debate about the pros and cons
of the Lightning Process.

Why is this?

Is it to maintain the potency of LP’s curative powers or is it a an exercise
in preservation of profit?

If what has been said by ‘non-believers’ is wildly untrue, where’s
the ensuing court appearances of those who risk the “publish and be damned”
implication that has been reported?

How independent was the Independent piece?

Maybe those at the top of the Lightning Process pyramid need to calm down?
Maybe they need to banish all negative thought?

Come to think of it, I’ve heard about this course which aims to improve your life
by ridding you of all negative thought……….

P.S. You’ll notice I have not banned and will not ban relevant, on-topic comments
on the Lightning Process.


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