One for those in their late thirties/early forties…..

Picture the scene….

It’s the hot summer of 1989. The local cinema has Batman, Lethal Weapon 2, Indiana Jones
and the Last Crusade and Licence to Kill. You’ve just come home from the pub, steaming
drunk from all those Mexican lagers that you drunk out of the bottle with your ears ringing from
the sound of all that Italo house tinkly piano music that has been played for the last three hours.
The stagger home from the pub was on your own because that woman you’d spent ages talking
to simply wasn’t interested. Instead of the aroma of her perfume in your sheets there is the
distinct and overpowering whiff of ‘failure’ in your nostrils as you turn on your TV.

You think your life could not get sadder.

You see a young woman in a nightclub accompanied by her granddad whilst you hear
some indistinguishable (you are utterly pissed now) SAW track that they are
valiantly trying to plug/talk over.

It can only be “The Hitman and Her”!


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