It could be you!

I loathe celebrity culture. The UK is obsessed with the shitty, meaningless, irritating
concept of people being famous. It doesn’t matter what people are famous for as long
as they are famous. Stars are not merely “stars” – they are “superstars”.

“Celebrity” news, an oxymoron if ever there was one, is now big news.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way (and by crikey it feels soooo good), I couldn’t help
noticing the recent coverage of Christina Aguilera’s break up from her husband
Jordan Bratman and as much as that’s undoubtedly unfortunate for them, it
left me with one thought……

How the **** did he get her?!

I’m sure he’s a lovely chap but he’s, and excuse the phraseology here, definitely punched
above his weight here. Now I’ve merely used this particular example to underline my point –
I don’t have a poster on my wall of “Xtina”, as I believe she is referred to – but it’s the
(apparent) principle I’m interested in:

You can be really rather average looking but end up with a reasonably
glamourous woman!

There is hope for us all!


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