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Feck, Arse, Drink, Girls, DVDs!

Tesco, twenty quid, all series, commentary
and documentary.


Dear Mr. Blatter….

Sepp Blatter, the head of the world governing body of football FIFA,
has been quoted as saying that the English “are showing themselves to be
bad losers
in the wake of Russia’s successful bid
to host the 2018 World Cup.

Well Mr Blatter, you are a pompous, arrogant, self-serving old
man in charge of an organisation which many people regard as corrupt
and which you, again in the eyes of many, have let fester.

The manner in which you cast a blind eye to the Republic of Ireland’s
knocking out of the World Cup qualifying play-off in Paris
in November 2009 and then patronised the Football Association
of Ireland in your uniquely arrogant manner whilst you insist that your
organisation should unfurl a big yellow flag with the legend “Fair Play” before
many international matches was shameful.

Sir, you are bringing FIFA and the game in general a bad name.
You are utterly unsuitable for the job.
For the sake of the game, resign your post.