Hugh Grant and the hackers

Saw this some time ago but didn’t mention it on here. I will now.
The News of the World is probably not the only paper to indulge
in the journalistic ‘dark arts’. This piece in the New Statesman
a few months ago was from the actor Hugh Grant after he recorded a former
journalist. Take a look at this bit – the “Me” is Hugh Grant, the “Him” is former
journalist Paul McMullan:

Me And . . . it wasn’t just the News of the World. It was , you know
– the Mail?

Him Oh absolutely, yeah. When I went freelance in 2004 the biggest payers
– you’d have thought it would be the NoW, but actually it was the Daily Mail.
If I take a good picture, the first person I go to is – such as in your case
– the Mail on Sunday. Did you see that story? The picture of you, breaking down . . .
I ought to thank you for that. I got £3,000. Whooo!

Me But would they [the Mail] buy a phone-hacked story?

Him For about four or five years they’ve absolutely been cleaner than clean.
And before that they weren’t. They were as dirty as anyone . . . They had the most money.

Perhaps interestingly, whereas just about every paper is leading with the hacking
(maybe the News International titles are not quite so keen) the non-News International
Daily Mail has this at the top of their online front page:

Now the DM does have the hacking story lower down but it’s not at the top.
Wonder why?


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