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If only…

For this reason, high-visibility wear is loathed by Sunday Times columnist
Rod Liddle, who found that passers-by obeyed orders barked by him after he
donned a flourescent waistcoat for a feature.

In a show of defiance maybe Liddle should walk along a very busy road
at night without a vest? Might even shut the fucker up. Permanently.


The curse of the Blair

The recent imbroglio surrounding the Murdochs highlighted Teflon Tony’s cosy relationship with them, underlined by shaking hands and hugging people from NI in much replayed tv footage.

Another day another load of footage of Blair getting pally with Gaddafi from some time ago.

Seemingly whoever Tony touches is subsequently subject to public humiliation and possible downfall.

We now issue a public warning.

If you know Tony or have seen Tony move away immediately. Your career may be severely harmed or even totally fucked if you are within ten yards of Tony. You must stay at least ten yards from Tony.

Remember the rule:
Ten yards from Tony!


Cameron the “see you next Tuesday”

From the Guardian about the riots:

Cameron said he wanted to look at making tougher the welfare reform bill going through parliament. “I’m not satisfied that we’re doing all we can. I want us to look at toughening up the conditions for those who are out of work and receiving benefits … and speeding up our efforts to get all those who can work back to work.

In a week where some of the rioters were revealed as university graduates, graphic designers, youth workers and army recruits, that tubby fucker Cameron bangs on, yet again, about benefit claimants being the problem.

Highly disingenuous and possibly stupid.
You silly, silly boy.


Does the “Big Society” include vigilantism in the face of police cuts?

That’s all.


Oh for Christ’s sake….

Just caught a bit of deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg talking about the riots in London and he used the cliched old nonsense of businesses and families being hit by the rioters’ actions.
Now I know that shops were burned and looted but every bastard time politicians talk about ‘people’ it’s always fucking “families”, invariably “hard working”. It is as if single people are non-entities. Will it soon be illegal to be single? How about a state cull of the unmarried? Live on telly perhaps? Every Saturday night alongside the lottery on BBC1.

As for being single and not having a business well you’re scum that does not deserve to live, aren’t you?