I hate to say “I told you so”, but…..

…I told you so.

Within hours of the news of the WPI/Mikovits stuff on XMRV re “CFS”/ME,
I posted something on here about my, what only could be described as, cautious
optimism regarding a linking of a retrovirus and “CFS”/ME

Just over two years later, Mikovits was arrested after the WPI noticed
that data had gone missing from their labs. This had come on top of an
increasingly negative set of stories about the integrity of the research
Mikovits had carried out.

Now, this is my point.

I am not a scientist.
You are (probably) not a scientist.
I want an answer as to what causes “CFS”/ME.
I want a cure for “CFS”/ME.
I do not believe that there are psychological or psychiatric explanations
behind “CFS”/ME.
I would suggest that I have personal experience to back that last statement.
However, the rabid, irrational, unquestioning zeal that has supported
the XMRV stuff from some sections of the “CFS”/ME “community” just makes
the rest of us look like utter arseholes.

Just because you, I and others might want something to be the case,
it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the case; I would dearly love
to see England win the football World Cup in 2014 but hey, you know
what? It probably won’t happen.

“Wishing” and “fact” are two entirely separate entities.

Are you pleased with yourselves now?

You’ve given the likes of the utterly disingenuous Wessely more fucking

You are utterly clueless.
Up your acts, for fuck sake.


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