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What is it with Tory MPs and Nazis?

Aiden Burley this time!

Talk about Freudian….


Does the “Big Society” include vigilantism in the face of police cuts?

That’s all.


Jonnie Marbles…..

…is an unfunny, untalented twat.
Put yourself under a fucking bus.


Today’s BBC schedule

On one channel you can laugh at two male family members as they talk about
making money out of dodgy business practices. On the other hand you can
always tune into BBC1 and watch Only Fools And Horses.


How ironic…..

….that a man who previously worked in PR employed a man as a PR
adviser that duly embroiled him in a scandal.


Why the hacking scandal should backfire on the politicians

The news that the government is to back an opposition motion calling
on Murdoch to drop his bid for BSkyB
after the recent revelations about the manner
some of his papers used to get exclusive stories has, arguably, given
the political classes the excuse and chance to clip his ambitious wings.
Indeed out of the three “P”s – Politicians, Police and Press – the politicians
have probably incurred the least damage. In fact some may even feel sorry for

Do you feel sorry for them?
I’ll remind you why you shouldn’t.

They couldn’t attract the attention of Murdoch enough. Did you see the images
of Cameron greeting Rebekah Brooks? Did you see the images of Tony Blair
greeting the same Rebekah Brooks? Have a look on the net – the images and videos
are bound to be somewhere. Blair even travelled to the other side of the world
to ‘cosy up’ to Murdoch’s News Corporation. Over the last twenty or so years,
the proximity between politicians and Murdoch had been getting smaller.

All of a sudden, the politicians have ganged up against him.
It’s because the politicians have been spineless, self-serving cocksuckers.
That’s right – cocksuckers.
Probably the biggest of them was Blair. Oddly enough he’s been pretty silent
recently, hasn’t he? Well he can’t very talk with his mouth full, can he?

The way the politicians have suddenly turned against Murdoch is utterly
repellent. They had decades to tell him who ran the country but they
didn’t. Now, eventually, they have shown themselves up for the playground
lackeys that the really are. Bullies are bullies because others allow them
to be and just as bullies quite often stop being bullies when the cowards
who pandered to them finally realise that they can, and should, do something,
the politicians saw that they were able to make some sort of stand
against the bully. No bravery or heroism. Just a bunch of pathetic individuals
who have never deserved a slap more in their lives.

These weak individuals deserve no credit or sympathy.
They are paid to run the country, even if it is badly.

Repulsive individuals.


The final confirmation…if not solution. Yet.

Didn’t see this at the time but Iain Duncan Smith lets slip the old “Arbeit Macht Frei” stuff on
BBC TV (click video, 16 seconds in).

Now in fairness he actually said “work actually helps free people” (too many “actually“s in
that last sentence, actually), which is, if you click the “Arbeit Macht Frei” link, not quite
work sets you free” but is, and I’ve deliberated over this for a least three seconds, pretty
near dammit.

IDS or Mike Gardner? As Harry Hill might say, there’s only one way to find out…..