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Michael Hanlon’s email regarding his Sunday Times Magazine article

This is an email that I received on the 30th November 2012 from journalist 
Michael Hanlon regarding an article which was eventually published in the
Sunday Times Magazine on Sunday 5th May 2013

I declined to answer.


Dear Gus

I believe this is your email. I got it from some on-line details of a demo at the RSM
which took place some years ago. I understand you are active in the ME community,
and advocate a better deal for sufferers.

I am a science journalist, and I am writing a story for the Sunday Times Magazine
about the Great ME Controversy, the claims, counter-claims and, hopefully, the
truth. I am hoping you may speak to me. This is all in the wake of the XMRV findings
and the controversy surrounding the recent prize awarded to Simon Wessely.

Do I have an agenda? Yes. Up to now I have been pretty convinced that attempts
to criticise people like Simon Wessely publicly and vehemently have been
counter productive. I have written in support of the psychiatrists.

But I am prepared to be proved wrong. And I promise that what I write will
accurately reflect the view of everyone in this debate.

Would you be prepared to meet? Or at least chat over the phone? You can
Google me to see how I write and what I write about.

Best regards

Mike Hanlon