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Lost in translation

Seemingly the Irish Independent has misinterpreted a story about
a Polish waitress in Co’ Donegal

Deliberate or not?

Seemingly (II), one of the “journalists” involved in this has her own
Wordpress account
and, somewhat ironically, she lambasts a journalist
for poor reporting

Seemingly (III), you really CAN make it up.

UPDATE: I posted a reply to Norma Costello’s WordPress blog:

Do you think she passed the comment for publication?
Click on the third link in this post….

UPDATE II: Newstalk, whose website repeated the lies about “Magda”,
is owned by Communicorp, a Denis O’Brien company. O’Brien is also the largest shareholder
in….you guessed it…the Irish Independent.

Now how about this; O’Brien, whose media outlets peddled lies about an
apparent welfare scrounger, is a tax exile living in Malta!

Here’s a couple of links on said Mr. O’Brien:
Roy Greenslade in the Guardian
Guardian on Moriarty tribunal