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Lost in translation

Seemingly the Irish Independent has misinterpreted a story about
a Polish waitress in Co’ Donegal

Deliberate or not?

Seemingly (II), one of the “journalists” involved in this has her own
Wordpress account
and, somewhat ironically, she lambasts a journalist
for poor reporting

Seemingly (III), you really CAN make it up.

UPDATE: I posted a reply to Norma Costello’s WordPress blog:

Do you think she passed the comment for publication?
Click on the third link in this post….

UPDATE II: Newstalk, whose website repeated the lies about “Magda”,
is owned by Communicorp, a Denis O’Brien company. O’Brien is also the largest shareholder
in….you guessed it…the Irish Independent.

Now how about this; O’Brien, whose media outlets peddled lies about an
apparent welfare scrounger, is a tax exile living in Malta!

Here’s a couple of links on said Mr. O’Brien:
Roy Greenslade in the Guardian
Guardian on Moriarty tribunal


Cameron the “see you next Tuesday”

From the Guardian about the riots:

Cameron said he wanted to look at making tougher the welfare reform bill going through parliament. “I’m not satisfied that we’re doing all we can. I want us to look at toughening up the conditions for those who are out of work and receiving benefits … and speeding up our efforts to get all those who can work back to work.

In a week where some of the rioters were revealed as university graduates, graphic designers, youth workers and army recruits, that tubby fucker Cameron bangs on, yet again, about benefit claimants being the problem.

Highly disingenuous and possibly stupid.
You silly, silly boy.


Duncan Smith does his 2010 remix of “on yer bike!”

Pearler from Iain Duncan Smith as he recreates the infamous Tebbit “He got on his
bike and looked for work
” comment for a 2010 audience.


The truth about TINA*?

Interesting article on the current obsession with cutting welfare.

*There Is No Alternative